Whether it is a ring, a bracelet or a necklace, identifying the exact size is a crucial detail in the choice or creation of your jewel, especially when it is not ours to make this evaluation. experts.

Below, you will find some tips, advice and parameters to follow for the correct evaluation of the perfect jewel. For any doubts, to contact us, we will be happy to offer you an all-round consultancy service.


Choosing the right ring is important, but it is likewise identify the exact measure. It is necessary to be aware that there will always be a difference between the size of the fingers of the right hand and that of the fingers of the left hand, and that in the heat some hands will naturally tend to swell slightly, while in the cold less. We therefore suggest you take the measurement of the affected finger in the presence of average temperatures.


The size of the wrist is very important to define the right size of your Tennis Bracelet. All tennis bracelets have a standard size of 18 cm but, of course, they offer you the possibility to customize the size.

If you wish to purchase a tennis bracelet with a different size from 18 cm, we invite you to declare the desired size. The final price of the jewel will depend on the size of you.

In order to be able to define a more or less exact measurement of the wrist, we recommend using a tape measure by wrapping it around the wrist and then checking the figure reported at the point where the tape meets zero. If you want a more comfortable fit bracelet, you'll add 1cm or 1.5cm to your measurement.


The standard dimensions of the Necklaces are 45 cm in length.